My new mac could be either the greatest packing assistant ever, or a serious impediment. It occurred to me that I could avoid having to spend days in silence by hooking up the mac to my amp and preamp, allowing me to pack everything else except the core components until the last minute. However, while packing up the audio CDs, it dawned on me that I didn’t have much of a selection on the mac. I then set about to ripping all my Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Meat Puppets and Minutemen into the little box. Several hours later, packing resumed.

Master’s theses are useful. While I had already foolishly discarded the two drafts of my thesis, my partner still had several draft copies left that needed to be dealt with. Shredded theses make excellent packing material. There’s something almost poetic about it, shredding up the irritating nit-picking and using it to line boxes. Or, maybe it’s the rite of passage thing. Any way you slice it, it’s still fun.

I wonder how I accumulated so many parallel printing cables? I must have at least twenty or thirty of the suckers. Not particularly useful, as I contemplate a completely wireless apartment. Given the limited space in the new apartment, I’m dreaming of flat-screens and a completely air-ported work space.

And then I wake up. Though it may not be unusual for some people, I am still reeling from having spent around $17,000 in the space of a month. Ack! To be fair, $11,000 of it was a car—it seemed to be necessity to have. “A man with a good car, needs no justification . . .” or something to that effect.

I also wonder how long I can keep quoting obscure songs every time I blog something. O Well.

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  1. I checked and everything seems to be fine on this end– maybe it just decided to quit harvesting because I’ve been so slack lately!

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