Women and Photography

by Edna R. Bennett

from Universal Photo Almanac 1937

Careers for women! I wonder how much paper mileage has been covered on this subject. More than anyone would care to count as the number of “sweet girl graduates” continues to grow year by year. Amazingly enough, as far as women are concerned, the field of photography is still uncrowded. It is a constant source of wonder to me that this field of endeavor so admirably suited to women’s talents is so often passed by. The desire for expression is something which few women lack. You will find it in the woman who is a homemaker as easily as you will in the woman who is a “careerist”.

Any woman who has developed her natural talents of patience, observation and the will to work should find a responsive spark in the study of photography. By no means is photography an easy job, but too much mystery has been allowed to shroud this work. It is necessary that one should spend time in carefully learning the fundamentals of photography. There are excellent schools and teachers who will make the path of learning easier. You must have a sturdy foundation upon which to build future success. You would not expect to attain a reputation as a famous cook because you have mastered the art of broiling steak. One clove of garlic does not make a chef!

Perhaps you are at a loss to know why I think patience heads the list of requirements for the successful photographer. It is an attribute that is the basis of success in following the road of the lens hound. Pictures are not made in a few minutes. You will find it well nigh impossible to become a master photographer by merely pressing the button. Pictures require thought every step of the way. Even the lowly daisy doesn’t “just grow”.

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