In an unexpected twist on the moving experinece, I was without power for around 10 hours yesterday. A wayward trucker got into the power lines next to our apartment in Little Rock and snapped around four or five poles.

3 thoughts on “Unwired”

  1. moving!

    LANE SMITH: illustration from The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip We just picked up the Big Truck and hauled the washer and dryer off. The final packing is about to commence, since we were delayed yesterday when the electricity went…

  2. Kind People, Neat Pictures, and Kookaburra

    It wasn’t hard to tell that I was in a pretty bad mood last night, was it? Not just yesterday, my mood has been down for a few weeks: a combination of some bad stuff happening with my family, and having some tough times with friends.
    But I thought…

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