SZ: Gilbert and George, another art couple, don’t perceive themselves as two individuals any longer.

HB: Of course, for them it’s a role-playing game. But for them it’s the truth. We knew them quite well. Even back in the 1960s they often came to visit for coffee and cake. Sometimes I made dinner, back then they were still excited about my meat patties. These days, I wouldn’t do that any longer. They’ve all come to be so spoilt now.

Interview with Hilla Becher, translated by Jörg Colberg (many thanks!)

Today, we’ll be driving to Milwaukee. I was interested in seeing the Gilbert and George show, but when I found out that Stephen Shore is speaking at the Haggerty Museum nearby, that clinched it. Shore (and the Bechers) were both part of the “New Topographics” exhibition that I mentioned a day or so ago. It’s been a very artful summer so far.

The interview with Hilla Becher brought into focus some of the hair-splitting I’ve been doing regarding photography and nostalgia, which I actually started thinking about when I read Gary Sauer-Thompson’s post regarding amateur vs. professional photography.

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