Jerking Back and Forth

During the transition, I managed to make my blog disappear. Sometimes it seems like you can either live life, or record it—but never both at the same time.

There are a lot of little stories I’m trying to save up to write later. But, who knows when that will be. My partner and I drove to Minneapolis last Friday to take some shelving, a futon sofa, our television, and her car to the new place. We got the new place wired up with cable, though one of our neighbors has a wifi network that I poached to remove the 194 spam comments I received while we were there.

Somehow I didn’t feel like writing after that. We just took care of business and drove back. Now it’s big truck time. The sad part is that our new 3 bedroom place is around 20% smaller than our current 2 bedroom. It’s sad to look around and say “we’ve got to leave that behind.”

Some things are best let go of. Other things, well, it’s just a damn shame.

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