Sometimes I can be really slow to catch up on things. I don’t read Stavros as often as I should— he has covered the whole advertising on blogs thing with his usual verve and style. Highly recommended.

I can remember chipping in on some PayPal accounts to help people buy computers/server space in years past. It doesn’t bother me when people hawk their own wares, or extend the cup when they are in need. It does bother me when the landscape becomes littered with billboards, though. Especially when the sites are ostensibly “personal.” If you’re selling something, just say so. Don’t preach “power to the people” and then hang a sign for Exxon or Halliburton on your site. I tend to think that this sort of behavior is hypocritical.

Context sensitive ads crack me up. In an odd coincidence, we were covering DRM (Digital Rights Management— things like the iTunes restrictions on the number of computers you can access your songs on, for the non-copyright geek folks) in class today while librarian.net pointed at a couple of resources first thing this morning. The EFF page on the subject, which is good, and the DRM Blog. DRM Blog for some reason has lots of google ads which want to sell you all your DRM needs. Am I the only one who finds it odd that a web site which is obviously critical of DRM would be advertising for companies that make such products?

Maybe it’s just me.