The New York Elephant—National Monument to be erected at the top of New City Hall

It was odd to stumble upon this lithograph from 1851 right after Peggy’s post regarding the GOP circus. I think Roxanne had the best response—who really wants to become a pawn in some political game? I tell myself to get this media crap out of my head and get back to more serious things. But that is rather like telling someone to not think of elephants.

Qb inquired regarding the “slightly scratched 30” at the bottom of my posts. It was a new addition to my 4.0 template—a nod to those journalism writing courses of years back which required that we enter “30” at the bottom of our stories to signify the end of the dispatch. I had hoped to write more frequent smaller posts in the latest incarnation of this blog, but that hasn’t really been the case.

2 thoughts on “Elephants”

  1. Hi, and sorry I haven’t stopped by for a long while, (I stopped writing and reading compelling folks like you, for no good reason whatsoever).
    Talk about yer moveable beasts. These elected elephants stomp all over the place, anymore. Actual elephants probably don’t experience ‘hubris,’ but then again, who can definitively answer that question? Congress? Jeb Bush? Dr. Phil?

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