Bakersfield, California, again

Bakersfield (my “hometown”) is such an icon. I forgot about the reference in On the Road until In a Dark Time mentioned it. I read that book for the first time in Milt’s Coffee Shop, just off highway 99 in Bakersfield. If you’ve read it, or haven’t and want to, Loren’s running commentary is a good thing. Give it a try, while you anxiously await Shauny’s return. I must say, 72 comments must be some sort of personal blog record.

Though I hate Tom Hanks, I was also pleased to see that in Castaway his salvation came in the form of a portable toilet from Bakersfield. That’s the poetic nature of the town, really. It may seem like a pile of dirt and shit, but it’s always there when you need it.

Off to school!