Rhetorical theorists

For those in search of more academic content

I’ve been struggling for the past couple of days with summaries of three rhetorical theorists. So, rather than tie up the blog with them I decided to put them up separately. Corrections, emendations, and comments are welcome.

My favorite is Protagoras, sort of the grand old man of rhetoric as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately, most of what we know about him is filtered through Plato, but I think his point of view is best identified in the modern context with Habermas. Bear in mind that these were written as simple two page summaries, not exhaustive critiques.

But if you’ve been curious about what I’ve been up to, or have any interest in rhetorical theory, I think they were a fun little project. The sources aren’t attributed, but there is a huge pile of books about to swallow me that fed into this thing. Some of the concepts are difficult to express simply, but I hope I did all right.

I woke up with memories of thorazine, and thought about writing an entry about that but it had to wait until I finished this stuff up. Maybe later, but I have class tonight and papers to critique. For now, this is the only new content I can offer.