More Aptronyms

Aptronyms from the C-18L list

  • Dr. Clapp, an ob-gyn
  • A law firm in Winchester, TN: Lynch, Lynch, and Lynch
  • A Philadelphia lawyer, Jack B. Justice. No relation to the distinguished federal judge, Wayne Justice.
  • Another ob-gyn: Dr. Diddle
  • A Yale course in Cannablism was taught by Claude Rawson [contributed by Robert Folkenflik Professor of English & Comparative Literature at UC Irvine, perhaps an inaptronym? Doesn’t he belong in a media studies department?]
  • A gynecologist whose clientle consists of predominantly English teachers: L. Paige Turner.
  • The Ralph Gore Blood Bank at Beth Israel Hospital, NYC.
  • The law firm of Riggle and Craven.
  • The Bury Funeral Home.
  • An Air Policeman named Jesse James Outlaw. [inaptronym?]
  • A barber in Winona, Minnesota, named Harry Trim.
  • Pynchon’s lawfirm (in Gravity’s Rainbow) of “Salitieri, Poore, Nash, De Brutus, and Short”
  • Two students: J.Barefoot who waggishly refuses to wear shoes on campus and K. Outlaw whose family sells used cars.
  • A urologist named Dick Steele.
  • A book by John Hunter, entitled Hunter, about his life as a big game hunter.
  • Animal behaviorist, Lionel Tiger.
  • A mortuary run by the Pickle family.