Round 6

It’s been about nine months since I last posted anything on this domain. Much has happened, and there have been a lot of miles traveled (mostly mentally). The impetus to break the silence and say something here (rather than sneaking about on my ancient domain) is twofold: first, Movable Type has finally become completely evil and announced that they are discontinuing support for the software I have used for the last dozen years. Second, I’ve actually regaining some desire to write.

Things are different now. I’m now nearly alone in the world with only a few surviving old friends and no relatives beyond a few cousins and nephews. My closest brother died last week. It seems that the last time I wrote, I was writing memories of dead people. I don’t want to do that (which is partly why I stopped writing publicly). To have that out there as my public “face” was a really skewed view of my mostly happy life. Since I have pretty much failed as a member of virtually any club that would have me, it seemed like a reasonable gesture to try to write down some current thoughts for those who will survive me. No rush I suppose though; I’ve got plenty of time (I think).

Therefore, the time has come to create this Public Address 6.0; I’m not really sure that I fit the previous boxes that I used to stuff myself in. Time for a new container.

3 thoughts on “Round 6”

  1. Jeff – so sorry to hear about your loss – but good to hear you are mostly happy. Now that I’m nearly half-way through my 6th decade it seems that every week, sometimes every day brings word of someone I’ve known or admired dying, That’s life, or I guess I should say that’s death – one and the same really I suppose.

  2. Glad to know you’re still out there, Doug. Life’s good for the most part, and as for death I’m sure we’ll all find out about that eventually.

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