Wall mirror, phase 1.

Wall mirror
New wall mirror for the hallway

This project broke my heart a little. It was a gorgeous piece of wood before I butchered it. I love maple, and the figure/shape was fine. But I got overly ambitious with the through-tenons/pins at the edges, and split it a little when I was installing the mirror. Now I know what not to do next time.

I think I’ll make another one and move this one upstairs. But before I get to that, I’m working on an aquarium stand/top for a 28 gallon bowfront. The sofa arrived for the living room, and I have lots of tables and ottomans to build.

I guess it’s mostly the wintertime grey that makes staying in and working in the shop so attractive. I find it hard to sustain much of an interest in reading these days; I suppose ten years of reading everything in reach sort of burns you out. My reading has become a lot more selective, and every year I get a lot less interested in the internet/technology and more interested in craft and images. I’m trying to build the sort of space I once had, where the main thing to do was to look at things for long periods of time. Looking isn’t synonymous with reading.

More than anything else, it’s nice to touch things. That’s what I like about wood the most I suppose: it invites touching. Screens don’t.