Okay, so I guess I’m back and ready to party now. The repair bill on the MacBook Pro was $334 with tax, and I can’t complain. They replaced my slightly dinged top cover, replaced the logic board (a new computer, basically) and furnished a new battery. It performs like a champ. I really love Apple sometimes.

I’m glad I bought the iPad to figure out, but mostly I think it’ll be a reader. I can now waste time gathering information twice as fast now, reading more meaningless Interweb news. Maybe I’ll change my mind when the external keyboard dock shows up on my doorstep but I don’t think so. I really like my MacBook Pro and dealing with files instead of endless pointers and DRM barriers. You can read, but you can’t cut to quote easily from most major news sources. Typing is okay on the touch screen, but it’s the inability to manipulate sources and such that is the real deal-breaker for me.