Brookdale Center

The gradual fade-out of marginal malls has prompted a thriving Web culture dedicated to sharing information about dead or dying properties. Sites such as, and are drawing traffic from mall employees, shoppers and other mall mourners who swap stories, photos and predictions about the status of centers on their way out.

Recession Turns Malls Into Ghost Towns –

2 thoughts on “Brookdale Center”

  1. The Apache Plaza was the saddest mall in the land (The City pages famously named it “best place to dump somebody” in their annual poll) until it was razed a few years ago to make room for a Walmart. Now, that title is held by Brookdale.

  2. I was fascinated to stumble upon your blog–I had no idea there were places like Deadmalls and Labelscar; cataloguing the demise of properties is such a fascinating (and seemingly American)idea.
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