Picture This

Statements such as: “The subject floats serenely in its own world, like a misty memory or the landscape of a dream” are not unheard of, making me slightly concerned that the next time I order prints I’m going to be confronted with the question: ‘What finish would you like? Gloss, Matte or Whimsy?’

My favourite of late, however, must be the press release that suggesting that the camera it was pushing included a mode that can create: “a sense of déjà vu.” Which sounds lovely, unless you make the mistake of thinking about it too hard. I suspect that, if you take photos for yourself, then you’re probably doing so to preserve memories, in which case the sensation of having experienced the scene before should really come as standard; and those who’re taking photos to show or sell to other people probably aren’t hoping for the response: “I’ve already seen this.”

Richard Butler: Painting pictures (in 1000 words or fewer)

This bit really deserves development into a longer piece of writing. If Butler doesn’t do it, perhaps I might someday.

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