August Sander

Almost as remarkable as the photos themselves is the fact that this is the first ever solo exhibit by August Sander in the United States (the revered German photographer died in 1964). And for this, my fellow Minnesotans, we must thank Mr. Weinstein–because, at least for a few weeks, you don’t have to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see a Sander print. You merely need to make your way to Weinstein Gallery on West 46th Street (there is always parking right in front) and push open the door. Most likely, you’ll be alone in the space and surrounded by the paper-people who Sander, so many years ago, labored to see “as they are and not as they should or could be.” You’ve got until April 12th friends. It’s always free. Don’t miss this one.


We didn’t, and we were alone. That makes it even more affecting. The most incredible thing was Sander’s Christmas card from 1939, the centennial of photography.