Poetry from Bessie Hess Ingersoll

TWIngersoll.png Silhouette of Truman Ward Ingersoll found in “Rhymes and Jingles : written between 1892-1937” by Bessie Hess Ingersoll, MNHS

T.W. Ingersoll

You’ve a roof o’er your head
and one soon to be
tho’ your purse may be flat
you’ve home, one, two, three,

Tho’ cash may be scarce
and business not fine
you’ve land and you’ve sons
with friends you can dine.

You’ve much to give thanks for

may this be your boast
you thank the Good Lord

your hostess and host.

About 1909-1910

My husband’s very fine and good
and always does just what he should
except to give me money.
When I need clothes, a hat, or such
why I should want so very much
he thinks it mighty funny.

When he goes off to hunt or fish
I stay at home and work, and wish
for just that little money
he spends on gas and flies and such –
(I’d buy a dress with just that much.)
I think he’s mighty funny.

Before 1922