Opting Out

images assembled from Janet Charlton’s Hollywood

“You can get things taken down, the legal tools are there to do it,” said Caroline Kean, a partner at the law firm Wiggin. “The reason people don’t is partly practical, because there are so many images, but also due to the bad publicity you get from going after your biggest fans. Most people soon realised it was counter-productive.”

A spokeswoman for the fans’ campaign said the sites had always tried to work with Prince’s management. But it appeared that Prince wanted to edit his past and there was “no sign” of his lawyers backing down, she said. “He’s trying to control the internet 100% and you can’t do that without infringing people’s freedom of speech,” she added.


According to the pragmatist interpretation, the “copying” of reality is replaced by a problem-solving “coping” with the challenges of an overcomplex world. In other words, we acquire our knowledge of facts in the course of a constructive approach to a surprising environment. Nature only provides indirect answers as all its answers refer to the grammar of our questions. What we call the “world” therefore does not consist of the totality of facts. For us, it is the sum total of the cognitively relevant constraints imposed on our attempts to learn from and achieve control over contingent natural processes through reliable predictions.