Fergus Falls, MN

“Why are you taking pictures of that?”

“For the heck of it… I’m visiting from out of town and just looking around at the sights.”

“Oh” she said, sounding disappointed. There was a long pause. Then she said: “You know, there’s a story about that spot. I thought you might be here because of that.”

“Really?” I said. “If you don’t mind telling it, I’m curious about the story.”

The woman then proceeded to tell me the story of the collapse of several feet of the tall building above the lot. “See there where the unfinished wall is? That is the only trace left of the old beauty shop that used to be there. A woman was killed in the collapse, and every time I pass this spot the unrepainted section of wall reminds me. I hate it. I’m going to petition the city council about it.”

Fergus Falls, MN