A Turkey

turkey.jpgSolomon D. Butcher, “The Power of Suggestion” — LOC, nbhips 2836

Annotation reported by LOC: “The photographer had bad luck with the negative and knocked a big hole in the roof of the sod house. Not wishing to make another trip of 60 miles to make new negative, painted in what might pass for a turkey.” Another annotation:

Butcher later reported, “Mr. Hohman [the homesteader] said, ‘What is that?’ the photographer trembling in his shoes remarked ‘Looks like a turkey’ Hohman said it couldn’t be as turkeys were not around. Besides, they did have any white ones. His wife spoke and said, ‘Yes, Theodore don’t you remember me telling you to drive the turkey’s away.’ That settled it. But to this day I expect Hohman wonders where that old white gobbler came from.”

Butcher’s 1916 annotations to the collection cited by John Carter in Solomon D. Butcher: Photographing the American Dream p.14


Perhaps this one might be a photograph of a black hole?