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  1. Thanks, Bro. I just got back from the Slim Memorial Gig. Mary was there. It was awesome, so many people, including his family. Shantells band was the best. I think it was everything Slim would’ve wanted. Truly memorable and a fitting tribute in all ways possible. I’m going to Ventura tomorrow to get my monthly “Style by Kyle” and we will prolly either laugh some or cry some, either way it was perfect. Try to give N.L. some slack, for a guy who never really met Slim, He has put more effort into remembering Him than anyone else here or there, and for that, He deserves our praise, really. Did any of Us really know Slim? Let’s face it, We didn’t. We all got close, but what killed him was that part We all couldn’t get to. All of Us had a different story. We all were privy to a different view of Scott, but none of us were able to touch the very essence of Scott Sturdevant. He never let us in, and He never let any of us veer him off of his path to death. (You don’t have to post this, Your call, bro.)

  2. hi -what a cool site! your pix are very romantic, w/their gary leonard-kind of lighting (or whatever it is that gets that effect). i’m curious no one at the tribute last night mentioned scott’s project the genre bend. my band (then active) did a few shows w/him then, in the early oughts, & his songs & performance w/then-girlfriend, a glamourous punk-marilyn young gal, were v. strong, i thought, especially two tunes w/the words “girl” and “paperbacks” in them – wish i could remember more, or had a recording!… anyhow, thanks again. this is pretty cool. 🙂

  3. I wasn’t around for the genre bend– Rex could probably answer that one better.
    The “lighting effect” was simply a 20″ T.V. and a few 15 watt bulbs, I think– plus Tmax 3200 film pushed to about e.i. 12,500 to capture any image at all with those lights.
    There are a lot more photos on the way; this seemed like a good place to start since it was the night we first met.

  4. May 17, 1990

    Slim at a downtown Bakersfield street fair. A couple of weeks after I first met Slim, he turned up at a street fair on Chester avenue. I was there to shoot OP Stylee because Paul and Daniel liked the photographs…

  5. hoi—wow –I’m glad i was able to have part in the memorial service–we have since added a few of Scott’s tunes to our set list—i miss winedog too

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