Carry that Weight

snapshot of google maps

Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, according to Google Maps on 4/1/2007 — not an April Fool’s joke.

I was more than a little disappointed a few days ago when Badger pointed out an AP story about Google Maps’ rosy nostalgia. A quick search brought up another view of a barge in the lower 9th ward. It’s hard to say if they are the same physically, but one can be reasonably certain that the second view (stored beneath the fold for fear of linkrot) is a more accurate view of the state of affairs in January 2007.

Lower 9th Ward, January 2007 — the view from the ground

2 thoughts on “Carry that Weight”

  1. Thanks! I’m glad to hear that someone is following up.
    I just checked and the images of the lower 9th have already been changed to more recent images.

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