Shooting Craps — Darkies Playing the Game

American Picturesque (c. 1895-1905)

The address printed on this stereograph (56 E. Sixth) does not appear in the Minnesota Photographer’s database as a business address for T.W. Ingersoll. However, the 52 E. Sixth address would only be a couple of doors down. I think it’s likely that Ingersoll occupied up to half of the block. According to an interview with his son from the sixties, Ingersoll employed up to sixty people at his studio in its heyday. This location, slightly off the main street in downtown St. Paul, would have been slightly after that time I suspect. The craftsmanship is quite crappy. Those splotches of color are intentional, and probably dashed on in assembly-line fashion.

There’s a bigger version here, and a photograph of 54 E. Sixth (present day) here.