I haven’t bought a print magazine in a long time, but I made the trip to get February’s Harper’s because of the article about Joywar. I’m interested in the ongoing debates about appropriation/plagarism, particularly as they relate to photography. If the 2005 Sweetland conference proceeding ever passes the UMI press editors, my first published paper will be on that topic.

Following the Joy Garnett/ Susan Meiselas piece, there is a long and somewhat tedious collage/article on plagarism (now available online, thanks Tom). Reading through the commentary at the end, it was great to find out about Graham Rawle’s Diary of an Amateur Photographer, I don’t really see collage/mash-up as the future of creativity (as some people people do). But it certainly is fun.

On a related note, the recent article on visual plagarism from Slate is pretty good.