I really enjoyed Nick Coleman’s piece about Target in the Star Tribune. If this were Arkansas, you could just substitute Walmart into the prose and it would be a tidy fit.

Still, I think Brooklyn Park and Hennepin County should go a lot farther for Target than they have offered so far. For example, that whole “Brooklyn Park” name is way stupid and outmoded. It’s not Brooklyn, and it’s not a park. How about showing a willingness to please? How about calling your town Target, Minnesota?

And when will Hennepin County stop being stingy to corporations with their hands out? Forget about forgiving taxes for Target. Let’s start GIVING taxes to Target!

The way this cumbersome abatement thing is proposed now, Target would be freed from property taxes while homeowners and other businesses would pick up the slack. That’s too complicated. Let’s be bold! Let’s put a “Target Tax,” a big one, on everyone. That way, we can take pride in being “Targeted” and be happy our money is shipped straight to Target! That’s the kind of people we are: Happy to Pay For Target.

I don’t know why it took so long, but Minnesota finally has turned into the kind of welfare state worth having.

A corporate welfare state.

This bit of selective censorship from Lamar Advertising, on the other hand, is simply bull.