Maplewood Carousel

A free postcard from Maplewood Mall

The last time I visited the Maplewood Mall, the carousel operator noticed me sitting at a bench making photographs. We talked for a bit, and she offered me a postcard. The mall didn’t seem at all “second-fiddle”.

Part of the strategy to rejuvenate malls seems to be an increase in spectacle. I skipped the “one minute play” readings at the Mall of America a week or so ago, because it just seemed an odd fit to that circus. But I suppose a mall that includes a university might seem like a reasonable place to see cultural events. But the embrace of the circus quality seems more plausible. At least Island Carousel seems to be betting on it.

On a thinly connected note, congratulations to Mica and crew at the completely unrelated Publlc Address Network. I like the short carousel video you get when you click on the hobo shoes— I’m sure its just a weird coincidence.