Welcome to Arkansas

Petit Jean Mountain
Welcome to Arkansas

Back in Arkansas again. Took a moment to hike around Petit Jean Mountain, and found myself stalked by vultures. There’s something sort of appropriate about that. I also take some perverse glee in knowing that the first state park in Arkansas is a nostalgic monument to a cross-dresser. It’s a beautiful place, and has been improved with walkways and signage since the last time I visited was there. It’s nice to know where you are.

There were many turkey vultures circling us. Krista remembered something about the bird’s main mode of defense being projectile vomiting. A google search suggests that this is not the case:

The turkey vulture has few natural predators. Its primary form of defense is vomiting. The birds do not “projectile vomit,” as many would claim. They simply cough up a lump of semi-digested meat. This foul smelling substance deters most creatures intent on raiding a vulture nest. It will also sting if the offending animal is close enough to get the vomit in its face or eyes.

That’s much better.