Pop Photo #1

1st issue, May 1937— “Answers all questions about photography”

How do you like our front cover? We chased all over the country to get one that suited us, and we hope, you too. Kodachromes, Findlays, Dufays, came in from Florida, New England, California, and even Hawaii. Nothing came up to our rigid requirements. So, as a last resort, after hunting all over the country, we began to search our own backyard.

There we found Stan Young, owner and designer of one of the few one-shot color camera hereabouts. He accepted the assignment and successfully turned out what we regard as a bang-up example of direct color photography. Elsewhere in the issue we discuss Young’s camera and have even included some candid shots that were taken of Young and his lovely model.

The bathroom in which the picture was made had gold-plated fixtures, raised bathtub, and cost over $10,000. Taking a bath must have been a real pleasure in this home. Come to think of it, the model seems to be having a pretty good time at that. (4)