On the Fly

Mary had a little Kodak,
A little Kodak had she,
And everywhere that Mary went,
Little Kodak you’d see.

So gratefully it always swung
By gentle Mary’s side,
That Kodak, in its leather case,
Was Mary’s darling pride.

Kodak she took to school one day,
Which was against the rule;
For all the children wanted one
When home they went from school.

Now Mary was just sweet sixteen
And full of girlish glee,
So when the teacher to her came
She did not from him flee.

But gently took it from the case,
As quick as you can think;
Then, while her teacher blushing stood,
She cried, “please do not wink!”

“You see kind sir,” the madam said,
With laughter in her eye,
“Although you seek to punish me,
I’ve caught you on the fly.”

And so it proved in latter years
When each the other wed;
That Kodak did the business
So all the neighbors said.

Mary Randolph, “Mary had a Little Kodak,” St. Louis & Canadian Photographer, vol. 8 no 2 (February 1890) p. 75 qtd. in Camera Fiends and Kodak Girls II

In case you missed them, I did post some Kodak snapshots of this vintage a few days ago.