A well-known Richmond couple and their two young daughters were found bound with their throats cut yesterday afternoon in the basement of their South Richmond home.

Richmond firefighters made the discovery about 1:45 p.m. after responding to a 911 call reporting a fire at the home of Bryan and Kathryn Harvey at 812 W. 31st St. in the Woodland Heights neighborhood.

Investigators said the family members had invited friends for a New Year’s Day chili party that was to start about 2.

“Murder and arson — for chrissake! — in this neighborhood?” exclaimed 54-year Woodland Heights resident Stephen W. Tarrant, who lives across the street from the Harveys.

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I really liked the band Gutterball, which Bryan Harvey was a big part of. This is not a good way to start a new year. Orbus Quintus posted a couple of his songs— I’ll post one of my favorites, transparency. Vocals are by Steve Wynn, the song is written by Bryan Harvey and Steve Wynn. The album is available on emusic, if you’re a subscriber.

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  1. Most Wanted

    Since there was a minor traffic spike from people looking for information, here’s are some bits I could find. It’s a murder with 197,000 suspects. The Harvey murders that I blogged about a few days ago are getting a…

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