No more ruby slippers

I can’t seem to look away from the TV. The bizarre horror movie music that CNN chooses to use to punctuate the scene in New Orleans and the meaningless pauses which Wolf Blitzer inserts every few moments in his bombastic monologue grate on my nerves, but I can’t stop watching. The HHS secretary says that things must be “reconfigured.”

“I don’t have a number.”

“No one has a number.”

No matter how many politicians click their heels, the situation doesn’t get any better. I keep wondering why commentators keep saying that the people from FEMA and Homeland Security are speaking in “contradiction with the facts.”

What is the difference between “contradicting the facts” and lying? I’m hazy on that, but I think it may have something to do with intent. All the grand conspiriacy theories which I am sure will emerge soon will imply that these people know what they are doing. I don’t see how anyone can make that case. This country is being ruled by C students—and I don’t think they have enough ambition to lie— except to cover their asses.