Hiatus of Sorts

I had not intended to take so long before updating around here, but life has been busy (in a good way). Lest anyone wonder what’s up, I am now wrapping up the photography class and have already started teaching another one in technical writing; it’s going to be a busy summer. Both classes have really reinforced how much I really love this stuff. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have my dream job. Of course, this is an illusion because I have to go back to being a student in the fall. Somehow, teaching without taking classes at the same time just feels more like, well, teaching.

I’ve always been the sort of person who learns best when he’s talking—not just listening. I work things out for myself when I have to explain them to someone else. The photography class really excited a lot of connections that I hadn’t thought of before in my research, and the class seemed suitably entertained by my dog and pony show. They did good work too. That helps. I’ve got a couple of potential future tech-writers in the class I just started too. I think I’m going to have more fun teaching it in the summer than I did last year, because the students just seem more motivated. The bad part is that it is a 16 week course taught in 8 weeks, so I’ll be scrambling for a while.

Things should calm down and allow me some time to write in a few days; right now, all the words I can generate are going to students instead of the blog. I haven’t abandoned it, in fact, I’m really beginning to miss it.