A New Look

from Boring Postcards USA, Phaidon

Something a little brighter

Pardon my dust, I’m remodeling. I’ve gone from blue to brown to black to grey. Hey, at least I think it’s cheery. It scales and does not look like crap on my larger monitor. I was getting really sick of the old design.

I do not feel that content composed in one visual environment is transportable to another. At the very least, the meaning becomes skewed to the new context. Thus, as before, I’ve upped the version number of the blog to match the change in look. Once things get sorted out, the previous incarnations of the blog will be made available. But for now I’m concentrating on getting the current version to work right.

Bug reports are welcome. I’m testing the layouts in Safari, Firefox, and IE on both the Mac and PC and it seems to be okay so far. If you think otherwise, let me know. I am already aware of the problems on my older pages such as the gallery and I will fix them when I get a chance.

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  1. fancy!

    Thanks to the considerable skills of Ms. Lauren, this site now has a lovely splash page. The birdie is another Moe print, and I couldn’t be happier with the way the whole thing came together. Not all of the links…

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