I try not to blog about politics, but as I watched the huge red stripe appear across the center of the country last night it made me want to scream. The conservative strategy of keeping the country in a crisis state has succeeded in swaying enough of the public to vote against it’s own interests in order to maintain security. It’s like sending out a big FTW, we’re going to maintain our own patch of ground whatever the cost. I don’t like being one of the bad guys on the international stage.

Worse still is the way that lower level politicians have ridden in on the coattails of terror to further oppress the poor in this country. And it is the people who were hoodwinked that will suffer. They think that elections are about values and morality when in reality they are about money and power.

It’s a sad day, I think. Sad because we’ll get four more years of focus on relatively trivial issues, while people suffer. No wartime president has been unseated in US history, so it isn’t necessarily surprising. It’s such a shame that the cost of power has to be war. This isn’t a sustainable model for a healthy world. But as long as the diversionary tactics work—terror, terror, terror—war, war, war—then people seem to forget that they are losing any real economic security.

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