Run through the Jungle

Settling In

I can tell now that posting during midweek is going to be a problem. Between the classes I’m taking and the classes I’m teaching, my time is pretty much filled. I’m very excited to be here in Minnesota. It is great being able to talk to other people about things I’m concerned about, things I’ve read, and have them be familiar with the books or issues. Arkansas was very isolating for me. But just the same, I have a lot of anxiety right now.

I’ve been transferring more old LPs to MP3. I’ve got most of the Gun Club catalogue transferred. I’m not sure why I can’t shake a sort of ominous feeling, akin to the Gun Club cover of the Creedence tune “Run through the Jungle” from the Miami album (same disclaimer as before, with the same stipulation that you click through from this domain). Tom Verlaine’s solo work is up next. I need something happier to push me through.

One task I’ve got to do tonight is write a “cultural history” of myself as an intro for a class. This sort of thing is hard for me, because it always turns into a literary piece. I suspect I’ll post it here. Conversations I’ve had this week have pointed me in some really specific directions for research, and I hope to write more about that too. However, there are reading outlines to do and other tasks that may delay writing here with any significant length.

I feel pretty relieved that my sporadic posting over the summer has dropped my traffic here enough so that I don’t feel as compelled to try to be consistently entertaining. I don’t, however, want to continue to vent frustrations here as much as I have in the past. It’s a weird time, so my posting patterns will probably be pretty weird for a while longer.