Links (redux)

Link Management (redux)

A few weeks ago I was musing about link management. I think I found the perfect thing for me. The Scout Portal Toolkit works wonderfully. Once I got over the learning curve of using the terminal app on my Mac, I begin to see the attraction of learning linux geekery. Working with ssh is so much faster than using FTP. I must have installed the app and wiped it at least ten times while I was figuring things out—all in the course of less than an hour.

I never got CWIS to run. My geek flag is flying very low. But at least it’s off the ground. I have been more concerned with getting my links managed than worrying about changing blogging tools right now, because I have around two or three years worth of research that I need to revisit now that the major project (of the moment) is done. I needed a good way to log and annotate links—I did not want to use this blog for that, and I certainly didn’t want to start another one. I didn’t want to use an external tool like either; I’m stubborn that way. I like to have everything on one site. Scout portal has a very “bloglike” feel to it—and it’s really easy to customize once you figure your way around using shell access. has been resurrected. There isn’t much there right now, just my fairly empty portal shell. I’ll be filling it out soon. I suppose I might even get around to configuring its RSS feed, for people who are interested in my eclectic explorations in visual rhetoric. But other projects beckon—like getting the wiki software installed. The blog stuff will be last; I want to make sure the host is reliable before I start thinking about moving this Public Address over there. I’ve got around six months left on this host to make up my mind. If I do move it, as I mentioned previously, I’ll maintain the current address. No more unfortunate changes of address. I suppose over the long haul, I’ll probably start using this URL for more professionally related content and the other URL ( for more personal stuff. That’s really the way I started out, anyway.

There won’t be any major change here for a while (I think). I’m still having a lot of difficulty thinking about bifurcating myself. The personal and the professional don’t easily separate.