Random Bits

Random Bits

  • via 2 BlowhardsCounter Culture: Parisian Cabarets and the Avant Garde, 1875-1905

    A quite interesting look at café culture prior to the World Wars. Of course, it is credited as a response to the Franco Prussian War (1870). I wonder if there is any cultural phenomenon that cannot be connected as a reaction to war? It seems to me that we need a new model for forging cultures.

  • New Walker Evans prints discovered

    Of course, they found them in the backroom of a bar in Key West. CNN news story here. Cubanet news story here. Florida Keys news story here. The thank you, in this case, goes to the girlfriend.

  • via datacloudEarly Visual Media.

    This one kind of pissed me off a little, because it is yet another attempt to lock-up vintage imagery behind modern copyright. However it is a great site with lots of interesting images and is very well done.

  • via KairosnewsHey Hey 16k thanks Matt!

    Unfortunately, I actually remember most of this quite clearly. “For N = 0 to 2; those were the days, indeed.”

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