I don’t know why I feel compelled to apologize for the lack of interesting content around here lately, but I do. Editing isn’t really fun at all, for me at least. I can’t seem to touch my thesis without adding more pages. Even still, it feels like a rock skipping across a very large pond. It’s nearing 100 pages, and I just haven’t accomplished anything that I really wanted to with it. It’s mostly a big book report—only a small part of it is analysis.

But the race is on. I’ve got to close this stupid thing and move on to the next part—moving.

The hardest thought for me is the idea of just putting my “project” down for even a little while. However, what I’d really like to do is show off more of the actual content I’ve been looking at (instead of theory) on this blog. I’m amazed by the richness and experimental feel of the “vernacular” photo-texts of the early twentieth century.

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