I keep forgetting to mention that my 12” G4 PowerBook arrived last Friday. I was sweating it a little bit, because I wanted to have it before the C’s conference and they kept pushing back the ship date. However, it arrived just as I was beginning the middle-America hospital tour. I plugged it in, figured out it worked, and then went to visit my girlfriend’s grandfather in the hospital here in Little Rock. Then, it was off to the hospital in Norman, Oklahoma to visit a sick aunt. I turned it on for about five minutes that night.

In the last two days, though, I’ve managed to figure out that just about every feature that I was concerned about, as far as applications that I use on my PC goes, is built into OS X. That was a big surprise. I had to install one freeware app for VCDs, but so far, that’s it. Almost everything else is already there. It networked with my PC flawlessly (after I figured out how to configure the PC). I transferred a few files tonight so that I can work on them while I’m away if I get the chance.

I like it. I like it a lot. While I doubt that I’ll ever go Mac exclusively (I do too much weirdo stuff on the PC), I certainly think that the notebook rocks. I’m pretty much completely over my MacFear. The really good thing to find out is that it is just as smart as it is sexy. That combination is hard to find.

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