Photograph by Ralph Steiner

I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff that has me distracted right now. However, I hope to have actual content again sometime soon. In the meantime, I thought I would at least poke my head out to keep the blog from disappearing again.

*This just in:

I must ask room for a single verse of Mr. Landis’s poetry. It is from an address “To John Landis, Author and Artist,” by himself.

“Thy graphic pictures of real life,
In every part in keeping rife;
Brilliant colors and glowing tint,
Like gold thrice refined from the mint
Studded with agates and diamonds round,
In dazzling brilliancy abound:
Astonishing to contemplate!
Masterly they are! yes, first-rate!

If it be not a paradox—the one sane point of Mr. Landis’s character is his monomania for money-getting,— or, more briefly, his money-mania. The last time I heard of him he was selling twenty or thirty a day—the net profit amounting to twice the pay of a member of Congress. This, you will agree with him, is “masterly, yes, first-rate!

from Brother Jonathan, March 4, 1843

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