Hiatus of sorts

Unintended Hiatus

In the final weeks of last semester I found myself caught up in writing three papers totaling around 20,000 words. Needless to day, that left me with little time to do much blogging. Things will remain hectic as I work on putting together an online class, applying to PhD programs, and writing a thesis. However, I have missed writing these daily bits.

I hope everyone’s holidays have gone as well as mine have, and hope to stretch out more fully soon.

Abandoned MT blogs sure look ugly, don’t they?

4 thoughts on “Hiatus of sorts”

  1. Also can’t believe you’re not Dr Address. Surely not abandoned MT, just slightly neglected. Have an excellent season.

  2. A new face that has observed in silence for a while, and has now plucked to courage to stand and speak.
    I wish you the best of luck with the PhD, my cousin recently gained the title of DR, so it does happen.
    I am sure you will hear from me again, your site intrigues me and deserves further inspection.

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