In Media Res

In Media Res

It’s amazing how much writing stuff for school can cut into your writing time. I really miss just prattling on about whatever.

I’ve read around five books, twenty or thirty articles, etc., in the past two weeks. I now need to write around 750 words for every book, and 500 for every article to satisfy one professor. I’ve already done more than he asked me to do for the entire semester, but I think the stuff is fascinating (journalism history).

Then there are the theory-heavy things that I’ve been mulling over for months. I need to write the other stuff out so that I can get back to that. I live forever in the feeling that I’m just on the edge of something, around the corner will be a real breakthrough�

That’s life, I guess.

I developed a theory the other day that life is just like watching movies on television. You seldom start at the beginning—you’re almost always launched into the middle of something where you have to look for clues to figure out what is going on. Who knows where it really starts—maybe, if you’re lucky, you get to figure out how some things end. But you never know, really, what is actually going on.

All you can do is watch what you can see at the moment, for as long as you can, trying to enjoy it somehow.

Everything is always a work in progress.