Linkin’ Logs

Linkin’ Logs

Time has been at a premium, but before some things scroll off I want to link them here so that I might return to them later.

I am intrigued by Liz Lawley’s MT Courseware template set. I’ve been going a few rounds with our computing services department regarding setting up a classroom weblog. I’m beginning to think it would just be easier to set it up here for now. Because I need to learn WebCT, I don’t need to use its more elaborate functions right now—but I certainly plan on having a look at using part of Liz’s examples. It also makes for a great opportunity to dig deeper into creative commons licensing. While I prefer to maintain full copyright on my abstruse musings, I believe that anything that might have broader use (like courseware) which I create or modify should be public.

Also worth noting for future reference is Jill Walker’s blog definition and her pointer to the Gender Genie. I checked one of my recent entries, and it turns out that I am female. My girlfriend will be surprised.

Splinters pointed to a book by Denise Chong I wasn’t aware of— The Girl in The Picture. It sounds fascinating, and I’d love to read it when I get a chance. It’s about Kim Phuc, one of the most famous victims of Vietnam. Another interesting book that I don’t have time to read (but might have to make time anyway) is Blood and Champagne: The Life and Times of Robert Capa [review via Arts and Letters Daily]

Also of interest is Paul Delany’s No such thing as innocent seeing in photographs [thanks to Woods Lot —and I like the new color scheme!]. I’m sure there are more things I’m forgetting, but at least this is a start.