Finally, I’m starting to get some stuff done around here. The 2.0 version of the blog is now accessible, but not quite pretty yet. There are some big link color issues to be sorted out. But the search engines, and ugly archive pages are now listed on my sidebar. The big problem is trying to reconstruct the design of that blog from memory.

One of the causalities of the big server crash was the entire category I had dedicated to Arnold Genthe. The images I scanned are still in place, but I’ll need to completely re-enter that stuff sometime. I’ll be getting back to Bourke-White soon though, and I’ve had about all the coding I can stand.

But I’m relatively thrilled with the progress I’m making around the house, too. I’ve been trying to solve the book heap problem. It’s very difficult to move about in my place right now. There was a carpet of books around eight inches deep covering ninety percent of my floor. I can see about sixty percent of it right now. Yay!

I’m still stalling on the five or six crates worth of articles that need to be filed, and the dozens of spindles of CD’s I’ve burned. Summer cleaning? That doesn’t sound right somehow.

It’s more like a sort of nesting/home improvement phase I guess. Strange, since I’m probably going to move in a month or so. But at least I can try to get my electronic environment a little tidier while I’m at it. My research site is due for some big expansion, and I’d like to put some more longer form papers online. But then, the Foucault seminar starts in a week or so, and that may head me off at the pass.

However, at least for now, I can revel in my newly found patch of floor.

4 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

  1. Very happy to see that so much of version 2.0 has been successfully restored and that the older versions are searchable too.
    Are you using any particular strategy for your home improvement project? I’m awash in a sea of books, CDs, and paper…

  2. I’ve just sort of dived into the middle and plowed my way through. I’ve begun constructing bookcases, but for now the bookcases are two deep against the wall– not a very practical arrangement, but it did uncover the floor.

  3. I just started the same sort of book-diving and digging today. I wish I hadn’t vacuumed up a sock last week and upset the vacuum cleaner, then I could really go to town. We’ve converted 2 walls in our house into built-in bookcases over the last couple of months.
    Every little bit helps.

  4. Pippa suggests putting bookshelves on the ceiling, so that one can have acess to them without the books clogging up the floor and walls. I’m not sure she has the engineering squared away — you know, gravity and all — but you read it here first.

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