University Tenderizer

One of the major purposes of the university is to help shape a mind that can be supple and flexible and comfortable with itself under any circumstance.

G. Robert Ross, former Chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

I’ve become obsessed with a plaque at the entrance of Ross Hall, one of the campus buildings. For some reason, I read this quote every Wednesday night and think of a kitchen utensil I bought recently.

2 thoughts on “University Tenderizer”

  1. Audience Coming

    I’m finding it difficult to respond to Steve’s earlier posting on ‘learning to read’, because there’s so much to say about it that I find myself stuck at the gates, not sure which way to respond. In particular, he’s raised an issue I’ve found myself be…

  2. ROAR – (in a sad sort of way) – that is such a perfect image for the educational process, especially when you consider that the original public education system in North America was developed on the model of the Prussian military academies 🙂

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