Where is VD?

What Happened to Visible Darkness?

Somehow, on my 45th birthday I was given two things I didn’t really want. A war and the freedom to not blog. The first gift, I sincerely wish I could give back. The second gift at least I could do something about. I registered a second domain, named for my blog.

So here you have it— thispublicaddress.com, and with it this Public Address 3.0. As of this date, I am still arguing with my inhospitable host for access to my previous site. My last back-up of this Public Address 2.0 is from January 2 2003 and I hate to lose two months worth of posts. However, I find myself quite addicted to blogging and one week of downtime was my limit.

The new host seems far more hospitable and I hope to transfer the domain pointer for visibledarkness.com here eventually. However, to do so right now would make accessing the content now locked away on the old server impossible, hence the need for the new domain. For now, if you want to read me you need to adjust your links to point here.

I’ve taken the unfortunate “opportunity” as an excuse for a complete redesign. Updates will be forthcoming as things come together. Apologies if you stumble in while I’m still blowing things up and rearranging.

8 thoughts on “Where is VD?”

  1. Would this be the same ISP that you referred me to, Jeff?
    I’ve had to fight them before, but nothing like what happened to your site.
    Good to see you back.

  2. Looks no different to me. What’s up? 45? Hell! Damn. I’m walking straight into it myself. Sheez, Jeff, you had any ‘senior moments’ yet?
    Yah… Welcome back.

  3. relieved to have you back, I’d asked around but heard nothing and then saw the link to you at Burningbird. good luck with getting your archives back…losing 7 months worth of posts, I can barely comprehend the feeling (shudders).

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