4 thoughts on “Disfarmer”

  1. I lived in Heber Springs Arkansas for most of my life and I never knew about this man “Disfarmer”. I was just surfing the internet and came across this information while researching other information on Heber Springs. This is really neat to see these old pictures and even some that are possibly done of people in my family tree.

  2. I am working on a more detailed book on Disfarmer here in Heber Springs.The old-tymers here have alot to add on a conversation about the man.One man told of his sister was tramatized by even the sight of Disfarmer and ran from his sight at the County Fair.
    I also think Disfarmer used some kind of fear
    to capture the images he produced or maybe by his own mood that day?
    The fresh photos that have just now surfaced will also be added as well
    Wish me luck

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