Long Day

Long Day

I haven’t done a 6am to 9pm day in a while. But I’ve successfully survived it. Yesterday, my brain was just too confused and ill to write. A lot of the blogs I read seem to be lapsing as new semesters gear up. If anything, there will probably be more activity around here, since I seem to write best in this public format. I like it. Apologies in advance for any upcoming academic tedium, but I think I’ve orchestrated a project in which all of my academic interests converge in one way or another. I’ve got a wealth of resources to digest, and I’m sure I’ll do it here.

Dr. Barb turned me onto an excellent article in TCQ on William Henry Jackson and the rhetoric of the land survey photographs of 1860-1890. The articles on Edwin Rosskam have arrived as well, with extensive bibliographic notes to track down. My conference with Dr. Levernier pointed me toward reading some WEB Du Bois, to track down the rhetoric of the “talented tenth.” Conversations with Dr. Yoder suggested that William Blake may actually figure in some abolitionist rhetoric, through his “black boy” poems. He told me that he’d be talking to a friend who is a Byronist that may help me out in figuring out the American reaction a little better.

In my document design class, I may have the option of doing a presentation on the evolution of the twentieth century photographic book. Now that would be fun. Another thing that may come of that, is a web page which traces some of the major developments in visual form. Because of the lack of well-formed bibliographic essays on the web, I may actually write one to use in my composition classes. I think I’ll do a survey of the books from 1937-41. Maybe doing just a blank summary in plain language will do me good too.

While updates around here may come in fits and jerks, they will still be happening. It saddens me to see so many great blogs going on hiatus, but I really do understand the pressure and burnout involved. I guess it’s because I don’t have much of an audience that I feel so comfortable spilling whatever crap flows into my head.

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  1. Yesterday I pulled a 8 AM to 11 PM day. What a special day that was. Every Wednesday will be like that most likely. Isn’t too bad though. Keeps me away from the dorm, and money to pay for school is good. Personally, I’m saving up for the weekend to blog. Spare time isn’t spare anymore.

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