While thinking about a piece of the puzzle I need to write out, I surfed into an amazing discovery: George W. Bush and Andrew Jackson are related. At least the Whitehouse website thinks so. Lets see, pushing people off their land and onto the trail of tears… check. Sporadic education… not too bright… check. Delusions of being king, opposed to personal liberties… check. I’d never quite thought of it that way before. The Internet can be quite educational.

However, unlike Jackson I don’t think Bush would want to eliminate the Electoral College. It seemed to work out quite nicely for him. Elected by popular vote? I don’t think so!

*Unrelated postscript*

Now I feel really intimidated. I managed to contact perhaps the foremost expert on Edwin Rosskam out there. He told me that if I made it to New Jersey, he could introduce me to his widow. He’s done an oral history of her, and is also in contact with Ben Shahn’s widow (now 99 years old). He told me that Michael Lesy is currently writing a book on the FSA. I’m glad that I picked a particularly obtuse tangent on the material. There’s no way I’m in the same league.

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