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Still Prickly

When the CD started with “Dark Green Car” I remembered standing against the monitors at the Music Machine in Hollywood entranced by Thin White Rope. I once owned a dark green car. The melody was similar to “The Ruby Sea” but the illusion faded. Though Guy Kyser’s distinctive growl kicked in quickly against the driving backdrop of his distorted tone, moments later a female voice chimed in.

Mummydogs isn’t Thin White Rope. It’s thinner and sleeker with some unusual twists. But it’s still prickly and I like that. The headphones came out quickly; I needed to hear it loud.

After listening to it twice, I decided to see if any new information had popped up on the web and found the links I placed above. “Guy Kyser was reported to be involved in botanics”?— This called for closer study. Kyser was only a coffee addict when I saw him.

The interview from 1997 mentioned that he had gone back to school. Further research on the UC Davis site showed that Kyser became deeply involved with weed. Yellow Starthistle that is, with a huge number of publications listing him as coauthor. How many musicians can claim credit for publication in Weed Science?

A stubborn prickly weed. It seems fitting.

2 thoughts on “Mummydogs”

  1. God knows how long the MUMMYDOGS thing has been here – I’d all but given up ever hearing them – I still see Thin White Rope as one of the most amazing US guitar bands ever. Unique – melodic – guitar-driven … I can never find the words the fit what they did.
    My new quest is to get my hands on the Mummydogs CD – bet it’s a pain in the arse to track it down in Scotland – my quest for tomorrow then.
    All my best to, like, everyone.
    Scotland 13 Nov 2002

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